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  • Trainings and consultations

In its offices in Geneva and Zurich, ISS Switzerland answers questions from private persons, authorities, child and adult protection services, other cantonal institutions or private organisations by means of telephone consultations on all working days.

We offer information on the international legal framework and transnational procedures relating to child and adult protection problems (parental responsibility, child abduction, international adoption, document search, tracing of origin and tracing of persons).

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In addition, ISS Switzerland contributes to CAS, DAS and MAS* training courses offered at the Universities in Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lucerne, Schaffhausen, Sion and Zurich.

The content covered mainly concerns transnational social work, international child protection, interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches in social work, the application of private international law, the challenges of caring for unaccompanied minors, family mediation and children's rights.

Furthermore, ISS Switzerland is regularly invited to speak at trainings on specific aspects of its expertise, for example in the context of trainings offered by other organisations such as Swiss Refugee Council, Save the Children and Appartenances.

Finally, ISS Switzerland organises workshops, conferences or training sessions, alone or in collaboration with other organisations or public institutions, on topics related to its expertise or specific projects (e.g. on unaccompanied minors or interdisciplinary approaches to parental conflict).

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* Certificate of Advanced Studies, Diploma of Advanced Studies, Master of Advanced Studies